Only Jean School in the world celebrates fifth anniversary


Jean School student at work in Denim City | Photography: Peter Stigter

Amsterdam | 14 September 2018

With the greatest density of denim brands in the world, the city of Amsterdam is a frontrunner in the field of denim fashion. Dutch brands such as G-Star RAW, Denham and Scotch & Soda are popular all over the world. More than five years ago, the world’s first and only Jean School opened its doors. Initiators ROC van Amsterdam and House of Denim celebrate this momentous occasion on Friday 14 September in a number of ways, including the launch of a very special new book on denim: Jean School Blue Book.

There is constant worldwide demand for talent in denim design. The launch of a training programme teaching the art of denim design and development to young, creative and enthusiastic people was therefore inevitable. Since the first secondary vocational education (MBO) students started five years ago in the academic year 2012/2013, over 110 new denim developers have obtained their diplomas. Jean School alumni have gone on to work for brands such as G-Star RAW, Tommy Jeans, Calvin Klein and Pepe Jeans.

The unique denim developer programme is taught at MBO level 4 as a full-time programme (duration: three years) and as an international flexible programme (duration: 1 year) aimed at senior secondary level (HAVO) graduates and international students. Every year, approximately 40 new students join their fellow denim enthusiasts in the denim workshops located in De Hallen in Amsterdam and elsewhere.

In recent years, our professionals have investigated which expertise is still needed in the denim industry. The results have been incorporated into the curriculum, so our graduates are ready for the demands of the labour market. For the first time, the technical knowledge of ‘making’ has been included in a text book: the Jean School Blue Book. A hands-on publication for all denim lovers. The first copy of the Jean Schoolâ„¢ Blue Book will be presented to Jason Denham (Founder and Chief Creative Officer of DENHAM the Jeanmaker) during the anniversary celebrations.

Jean Schoolâ„¢ Blue Book was sponsored by the Meester Koetsier Foundation.

About the Jean School

The Jean School is an initiative of James Veenhoff (former director and initiator of Amsterdam Fashion Week), Mariette Hoitink (owner of HTNK Fashion recruitment & consultancy) and ROC Amsterdam. In 2009 Veenhoff and Hoitink launched the House of Denim foundation, a platform for craftsmanship and innovation in denim. Education is a crucial part of innovation, but until recently specialist jeans design programmes simply did not exist. In 2012, forces were joined with ROC Amsterdam and in 2012 the Jean School opened its doors.

About the Jean School Blue Book.

The Jean School Blue Book was written by Mira Copini and Philip Merry. This publication will be used by students as teaching material. This publication is also available online and in bookshops, ISBN 978-90-9030874-6.

Pictures of the Fifth anniversary.