- Are you interested in clothing?
- Are you looking for a diverse education in which craftsmanship plays an important role?
- Do you want to work in a worldwide industry in the future?
- Are you creative?
- Do you like to challenge yourself?
- Do you have your own style?
- Would you like to learn from the best in the field?
- Do you have a clear idea on what you like and what you do not like?
- Are you looking for a place where you can work together with a tight class on special projects?
- Are you looking for an education in which you create something both in theory and ‘with your hands’?

Answered three or more questions with ‘yes’? In that case, this education will just be the thing for you.
Are you looking for an education that is both industry-oriented and creative? An education with which you will start to work as a denim specialist in the world of fashion after you graduate? Are you interested in denim and would you like to further develop this interest? In that case, the Jean School is the right education for you. After a selection, every year the best students will be chosen.

During the education you will get lectures from a number of the best professionals from the international denim industry and you will work on projects with leading denim brands and weaving mills, in addition to subjects like textile knowledge, confection technique and pattern technique. You will have an internship at international brands in the denim industry.
There are two variants of the Jean School education. First, the regular three-years fulltime education. Second, the Jean School offers an English-speaking, one-year education for international students and Dutch students with at least a HAVO-diploma.
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Because of the cooperation with high-quality weaving mills, laundries and manufacturers you will always be informed about innovation in the jeans industry.


The Jean School believes in ‘a brighter blue’. Due to the knowledge of process and technique it is possible to produce in a more sustainable manner. Durability plays a role in everything you learn.


The history of jeans goes back to the ninetieth century. At the Jean School you learn about the history and about the true denim-classics. In Denim City we have access to an archive in which historical pieces of jeans can be studied and researched.


In order to understand the requirements a good denim design must meet, you need knowledge of the production process. We therefore start with the basics. In the first year you will immediately learn how to operate the sewing machine, so you will make your first own jeans in a short amount of time.