Jean School offers a one year course for international students and students with at least a havo-diploma to become professional Denim Developers.

Jean School International Course is an initiative of ROC Amsterdam, House of Denim, in cooperation with large., international players from the denim & fashion industry. Jean School International Course is located in Denim City. A unique, innovative campus in De Hallen in Amsterdam-West that also offers accommodation to the Blue lab, a laundry and the denim-archive.

The international, one-year education is intended for everyone who wants to specialise in denim. You will be trained to become a denim developer or designer in one year. The education focuses on the technical and practice-oriented elements of the profession. Within a year you will know how to transform a design into a sellable product: from drawing patterns to the different knotting techniques for denim. During this year you will learn how jeans are woven and washed and you will get practical lessons in Denim City in De Hallen in Amsterdam. You will also get lessons and assignments from professionals who are working for reputable denim brands. The education emphasis on craftsmanship and durability within all steps of the process.

In addition to the Dutch education, the Jean School in cooperation with House of Denim, recently started a one-year English-speaking education that is especially developed for foreign students and Dutch students with a HAVO-diploma or who have a propaedeutic certificate.

Jean School International Course takes place in Denim City. A unique innovative campus in De Hallen in Amsterdam-West, including a Blue Lab, laundry and an extensive denim archive.

Which prior education do you need?

One of the requirements / pre-educations mentioned below is enough to sign up: • HAVO-diploma or diploma at MBO level 4. • For international students, the high school diploma applies. • An assessment and intake interview will take place prior to the registration.

Students participate in classes for about six hours a day, five days a week. Of course including homework assignments.

What are the costs?

Dutch students:
• Tuition fee, legally determined by the Ministry of OCW

International students:
• Tuiton fee is € 9.750

All students:
• Teaching materials, such as books, readers and other materials: € 550
• Top-concept contribution: € 500
• Also take into consideration the additional costs for fabrics and excursions
• A laptop with Adobe Creative Cloud software in order to participate in this course


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