Jean School Blue Book

JEAN SCHOOL PRESENTS: BLUE BOOK – A complete practical guidebook for denim lovers and developers.
Mira Copini and Philip Merry

Jean School Blue Book is a technical and practical guide to jeans for students, professionals, and those with a passion for denim. There are a lots of processes and important steps to follow when designing a garment. In this book, we focus on making. The process starts with a design, choosing suitable fabric and making the pattern.

The book is based on the three-year educational programme or blue print that has been created for Jean School, which opened its doors to students in August 2012. Jean School is a unique venture, both in the Netherlands and internationally. It is a co-creation of the denim industry, the House of Denim and ROC van Amsterdam, together they worked hard on an educational programme to train students to become Denim Developers. Mira Copini (lecturer and coordinator at Jean School) and Philip Merry (pattern-maker and teacher) were responsible for the content. The techniques shown in the book are the result of their wide-ranging fashion knowledge and techniques that they have developed in recent years specifically for denim and jeans.

Blue Book is avalaible online or at the bookstore ISBN 978909308746